Looney Tunes Scarlet Pumpernickel Sylvester

Cena: 2 500 RSD

Looking to capture the Scarlet Pumpernickel once and for all, the Chamberlain entices the Grand Duke, Sylvester, to set a trap by marrying his daughter. The two battle for the Fair Lady's hand in a dashing sword fight that doesn't turn out as the Duke had planned. This deluxe figure includes all of the pieces needed to create a scene from the classic "Scarlet Pumpernickel" episode. You can mix and match this set with the Daffy figure to create multiple moments from this unforgettable piece of animation history. Accessories include a hat for Sylvester with a flocked feather, a full-size and mini sword, candelabra with a stand, 1.5" Henery Hawk figure with five points of articulation, a bonus figure of Henery Hawk with hat, ascot, scroll and quill, a base and scenic back drop card along with a reproduction of the original animated episodes "title card" and miniature display easel. Packaged in a 4-color box.